We work in flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority, and the ability to approach and solve problems. Unlike a traditional hierarchy we have found this approach much more effective. It also allows us to draw in people from all areas of the company when needed.

We’re hands on software and technical engineers, not academics or administrators. We have called Orange County our home for over a decade, and we are proud to have assembled a world-class team that combines practical expertise in various sciences, from mathematics and physics to distributed systems infrastructure, big data processing, user experience design, and industrial engineering.

We offer our customers an uncompromising engineering mindset with an unwavering focus on executing in service of the mission. But we prefer our track record to speak for itself


  • Designed and Wind and Solar Engineered over 3,000 MW of renewable energy power plants.
  • Built the first commercial scale Enercon wind park in Ontario, Canada.
  • Assisted with development and engineering of Samsung Heavy Industries first wind farm.
  • Invented the First Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle for the United States ARMY
  • Developed the electric drive train and control software for Fisker Automotive and Tesla
  • Built the world's first streaming music player with digital rights management technology
  • Designed and engineered scalable compute infrastructure for major cloud providers
  • Designed architecture, models, decision trees and machine learning algorithms for C.A.I.T.
  • Developed State-of-the-Art Plug-in Hybrid Technology which formed the basis for most hybrid vehicles today.
  • Invented World’s Lightest Weight High Pressure Compressed Hydrogen Storage Tanks for auto- and aerospace applications
  • Invented Advanced Composite Materials Technologies for space applications
  • Developed 120 MW solar project in Maricopa County, Arizona's flood district.


  • Took company from idea to IPO in under 5 years.
  • Developed Financial Strategy that secured $2 Billion in Private Equity Investments


  • Top 40 Under 40
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2017
  • Golden Web Award for best web design
  • MIT Physics Award
  • Internationalist of the Year
  • Gold Magellan Award
  • Spirit Award

Published on:

Friday, August 19, 2022