Canada - Ontario - The Trout Creek Wind Farm

The Advanced-Stage Trout Creek Wind Farm Project is situated approximately 1 km east of the town of Trout Creek, Ontario, approximately 40 km south of North Bay. It started as a 10MW project on private land, but has since been shifted a kilometre east to a new location on Crown land offering a superior wind regime.

The Trout Creek Wind Power project was awarded a FIT contract in April 2010. The facility is expected to be commercially operational by October 2014.


Schneider Power News - Trout Creek Edition, July 2012

Schneider Power News - Trout Creek Edition, September 2010


Project Description Report - Trout Creek, September 10, 2012

Notice of Proposal to Engage in Windtesting Project on Crown Land

Proposed Windtesting Facility Location, Footprint and Access (map)

Community Advisory Committee Information

Contact Information Return Form

OEB Application to amend the distribution license of Hydro One

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